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SE1720 / SE1720-M24 Ethernet Module Downloads

This product is available with limited support only. SDK is still under development and documentation is not available yet.

More features are under development but not scheduled to be released in short term.

Product is being used since 2012 by our closed loop customers. 

Due to nature of ethernet( including firewalls, switches, hubs,  modems, cables, PC ethernet cards, different socket communication software etc) and our willing to sell this product only for interested customers; we do not provide technical support for a resolution of a system with problems. In such a case we will offering to test our module in an isolated enviroment to reduce number of affecting system components.

* Future firmware  releases will not use UART Channel 2. Please design your application with UART Channel 1

* SPI and I2C are currently not supported and reserved for future upgrade.

* GPIO is  currently not supported and reserved for future upgrade.


  •  NetComm V1.0.4 Setup
     Software tool designed for configuring, evaluating and testing  SE1720 Modules. UDP Terminal is supported. TCP/IP terminal not yet supported.

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