125 kHz RFID Downloads



Second generation modules, SM1250B-MINI, SM1251-SMD and SM125-M2 datasheets released.

 SM125-M2 Datasheet (SM125-M1 Replacement) (1.1.0)

 SM1250B-MINI / SM1251-SMD Datasheet (Second Generation Mini20 and SMD20 package modules) (1.0.0)

Datasheet & Hardware Manuals


  •  SMRFID 3.07
     Software tool for configuring, evaluating and testing SM125 devices
  •  SM125 FU
      Firmware upgrade tool (Flash Burner) for upgrading SM125 devices - Requires encrypted firmware file

 PCB Library & Cad Resources

Eagle PCB library, 3D Sketchup drawing files and 3D .stl files for Mifare and 125 kHz RFID modules.

To get access to these CAD resources visit https://github.com/sonmicro/pcbcadlib/

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